If the tech is ever giving you grief, do ping Nick an email: admin@browneggs.com.au. Monday’s and Thursdays are his admin days.

Can you re-use the cartons?
I’m afraid we can’t. Our farm is out in Bowning and in NSW food safety laws don’t allow for the reuse of the cartons. They are all cardboard though, very recyclable.

I’d like to change my order?
To add some more eggs, change how many dozen, or change frequency:
Buy a new subscription, like you would in the store: https://browneggs.com.au/store.
And then cancel the older subscription:
My Account >> Manage Subscriptions >> View Details (the black button) >> Cancel Subscription.

You can also always get in touch. Nick is more than happy to cancel, add or change from the back end.

I need to update my credit card.
My Account >> Manage Subscriptions (in the list on the right hand) >> View Details. (The Black Button)
Sometimes the new credit card doesn’t show up straight away, and it looks like the old card is still in there.
Do let Nick know.

You didn’t respond to my text?
Mum does her best to respond to texts but they can get lost when we send out a bunch of delivery notifications via sms. An email to admin@browneggs.com.au will always get seen.