Are the eggs free range?

What’s the difference between free range and pastured?

Pastured eggs are even better than free range eggs! They’re called pastured eggs because our hens have access to outstanding grassy pasture.
What exactly is the difference?

Pasture-raised chickens are given at least 10 square metres each and spend more time outside on the grass (ours can roam wherever they like, whenever they like). They are free to eat grass, bugs & worms – whatever they can find! We also provide our chickens with feed in an outdoor trough they can pick at any time.

As for “free range” chickens, the only requirement in terms of space is 10,000 chickens per hectare of land or 1 square metre each, which is better than what caged and cage-free chickens get, but nowhere near as good as pastured ones! Some “free range” chickens rarely get to go outside and only eat processed feed.

Probably as a result of this better lifestyle, pastured eggs have at least twice as much vitamin E, vitamin D, and omega-3 as free range eggs, so they’re extra healthy and delicious!